Social Media Insights on Malaysia’s Flood 2023

Following the recent flood that hit several areas, particularly in Johor, the social sphere was filled with pictures and updates on the situation in the affected areas. Some were sending help while others were updating on the victims and the evacuation process.


  • The conversations on Flood 2023 for the past 7 days garnered around 36K with 1.4M social interactions.
  • The most affected and the most mentioned areas were places in Johor, with Segamat and Yong Peng leading the list as people shared the severity of the flood that hit the areas. Besides several initiated fundraising activities, others were sending prayers to the victims.
  • Several hashtags such as #DaruratBanjir and # RakyatJagaRakyat were widely circulated to make people posted on the current updates and situation in the flooding areas.
  • Besides, media portals have also played their part in sharing footage and videos of the areas. However, there were some who still felt that this year’s flood was getting less media traction as compared to the previous one. They also highlighted that there was lack of complaints against the government despite their late assistance to the victims.

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