Debate on School Canteen Operation During Ramadan

The policy regarding school canteens during Ramadan is clear-cut: they remain open. This decision, enforced by the Ministry of Education, ensures that students have access to food throughout the day, catering particularly to non-Muslim students who rely on canteen meals.


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  • This approach is grounded in the principle of inclusivity, emphasizing the importance of respecting all students regardless of their religious background. By keeping canteens operational, schools uphold a commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of their student body.
  • Furthermore, this practice fosters an environment of coexistence and mutual understanding. It provides an opportunity for Muslim students to observe the significance of Ramadan while also encouraging non-Muslim students to be mindful and respectful of their fasting peers.
  • On one side of the debate, supporters argue that keeping canteens open supports all students by ensuring access to meals during school hours. This approach promotes inclusivity and solidarity within the school community.
  • However, concerns have been raised about potential losses to canteen businesses, particularly in schools with a majority Muslim student population, where fewer students may purchase food during fasting hours. Critics of this perspective argue that such concerns are unfounded, as canteens in predominantly Muslim schools could choose to close during Ramadan without impacting non-Muslim students.
  • In addition to the aforementioned arguments, a fraction of online users view the canteen issue during Ramadan as a trivial matter that should not be blown out of proportion. They perceive the opposition’s stance on the matter as an exaggeration, considering it to be a non-issue.

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