Minimalistic Olympic Attire Design Sparks Public Outrage

The Malaysian public has expressed widespread disapproval of the national Olympic attire, criticizing its lackluster design and calling for a redesign.


  • The conversations on the Olympic Attire garnered around 29.5K mentions with 227.1K social interactions that potentially reached 11M users for the past 7 days.
  • The public is overwhelmingly critical of the minimalistic design of the Olympic attire for Malaysian athletes, with many viewing it as uninspired and lacking national pride, questioning why such a prestigious event would settle for something so plain and unrepresentative.
  • Many express admiration for the design approaches of other nations, such as France, where designer Stephane Ashpool consulted with athletes to create a meaningful design, and Canada, which has multiple official attires by Lululemon, pointing out that Malaysia’s designs fall short in comparison.
  • The Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) cited budget limitations from sponsors as the reason for the simple design, emphasizing that the uniforms were funded by sponsors rather than the government, which many believe is an unacceptable excuse for such an important representation.
  • Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh clarified that the Ministry of Sports (KBS) and the National Sports Council (MSN) had no control over the design, a fact that has led to widespread frustration and questions about the decision-making process. Some claimed that Hannah Yeoh and Adam Adli have failed to lead the ministry.
  • There are numerous calls for a redesign from the public, including local celebrities and social media influencers, who argue that the current attire is embarrassing and unfit for the Olympics, urging the authorities to consider a more vibrant and representative design.

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