Zahid Hamidi Court Release – How the public reacts?

The recent court decision to acquit Zahid Hamidi of 47 corruption charges has ignited a wave of public outcry. The majority of people are in disbelief over the verdict, questioning how the court could reach such a conclusion when the prima facie case had been established.


  • The conversations on Zahid Hamidi Court Release garnered around 20.6K with 414.2K social interactions that potentially reached 4.7M users.
  • The digital sphere is awash with negative reactions as many begin to question the integrity of the unity government, while simultaneously asserting that Anwar Ibrahim played a role in Zahid Hamidi’s release. People are expressing anger and disappointment, viewing the decision as a miscarriage of justice and demanding punishment for Zahid Hamidi. They also ridicule Anwar Ibrahim, who campaigned against corruption during the election, yet now appears to be aligning himself with the corrupt. They assert that this issue could significantly undermine PH’s longevity in politics.
  • Additionally, netizens have begun to conjecture that Rosmah Mansor and Najib Razak could be the next to be freed, following Zahid Hamidi’s achievement. They argue that the PH has evolved into a puppet for UMNO, merely to secure support from these corrupt leaders and ensure PH’s continued power.
  • Moreover, the inadequacies of the PH’s communication team have exacerbated public outrage. Many believe that the team should have promptly provided explanations and statements addressing this issue as soon as the decision was made public. Their silence and inability to provide a clear explanation have led many to form their own judgments and conclusions, thereby tarnishing the government’s reputation.
  • Despite the controversy, some individuals continued to support PH, maintaining that Anwar Ibrahim was not implicated in the decision, which they viewed as a testament to the fairness of our justice system. They also pointed out that the decision was made by the previous Attorney General, who had rendered a similar verdict in Muhyiddin Yassin’s case.

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