Social Media Insights on Malaysian Budget 2023

As Malaysians were anticipating the tabling of #BUDGET2023 by the Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the digital sphere was flooded with comments and opinions on the best improvements and the worst sections being introduced by the government; many being satisfied while some believed it lacked assistance for the public.


  • The conversations on #BAJET2023 for the past 7 days garnered around 59K with 1.2M social interactions.
  • The most mentioned topics consist of the newly announced taxes including luxury and e-cigarettes, the revised income tax, EPF, PTPTN as well as the issues on civil services salary raised.
  • The government was being praised for introducing new taxes for the wealthy and for channeling the e-cigarette tax to KKM.
  • However, the government was also being grilled as some felt that there was a lack of assistance for the poor while highlighting that the revised tax rate was unfair for some income brackets.
  • Last but not least, Anwar Ibrahim’s credibility and his good leadership value were being highly commended by the public, with more than 30% of mentions being positive towards the government and the budget tabled.