Reverting to GMT+7, was it necessary?

Recently, online users have been actively debating on the benefits of Malaysia reverting back to GMT+7.


  • The conversations on GMT +7 vs GMT +8 garnered around 2K mentions with 3K social interactions that potentially reached 1.7M users.
  • Public opinion on the merits and drawbacks of Malaysia reverting to GMT+7 from GMT+8 is split. While some argue that the time zone adjustment could be advantageous for the nation, others contend that it would cause unnecessary disruption.
  • Advocates for the shift to GMT+7 attribute the need for change to Tun Mahathir, who standardized GMT+8 across all of Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak. Critics argue that this decision has forced people to live at a rushed pace, and reverting to GMT+7 would allow for a more balanced lifestyle. They also emphasize that Malaysians would benefit from improved time management if the country returned to GMT+7, as daily activities would commence and conclude an hour earlier, allowing more time for relaxation.
  • Conversely, a segment of the online community considers the proposed change superfluous. They point out that Malaysia has never actually operated under GMT+7, as the previous standard was GMT+7.5. They also maintain that the adoption of GMT+8 was a prudent choice, as it aligns Malaysia with countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia, thereby facilitating certain business operations.

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