PRK Pelangai, a 3-cornered fight

With the upcoming Pelangai by-election triggered by the unfortunate demise of the incumbent ADUN in an Elmina crash, social media is abuzz with updates on the election campaign and details about the candidates.


  • The conversations on PRK Pelangai garnered around 5.8K mentions with 228.2K social interactions that potentially reached 3.9M users.
  • The candidate with the most support remains unclear as the majority of updates primarily focus on the party itself. Despite backlash faced by PN due to MB Sanusi’s recent comments during their Pelangai campaign, the loyalty of PN supporters remains unwavering. They are leveraging the sentiment that the PH/BN leaders are primarily enablers of corruption, thereby advocating for voters to reject their victory. They have also attempted to tarnish the government’s image by criticizing the recent allocation of additional funds for local schools as a mere election ploy.
  • However, some believe that BN maintains a stronger chance of winning the DUN Pelangai seat, given its previous tenure. The candidates are gaining recognition and backing from the BN machinery. The public also perceives the collaboration between PH and BN as a promising step towards a more stable government.
  • Lastly, online users are not dismissing the potential of the independent candidate, recently expelled from UMNO, to leverage the dissatisfaction among some voters with BN.

Top online conversations on PRK Pelangai