MCKK Bullying Case, Who should be held accountable?

Recently, a MCKK student was allegedly assaulted by his Form Five senior. The victim’s mother took to social media to share the incident, alleging that her son had suffered a groin injury during the assault and that the bullies had only been given three strokes of the cane and community service as punishment.


  • The conversations on the MCKK Bullying Case garnered around 18.3K mentions with 35.8K social interactions that potentially reached 23M users.
  • Overall, people believe that both the school and the Education Ministry should be held accountable for the recent MCKK bullying case. The school has a responsibility to create a safe and supportive environment for all students, and it has failed to do so in this case. The school should have taken more severe disciplinary action against the bullies, and it should have apologized to the victim and his family.
  • In addition, netizens agreed that the Education Ministry should also be held accountable for failing to address the issue of bullying in Malaysian schools. The ministry should provide schools with more resources and training to prevent and address bullying.
  • Some insist that the school’s “you touch, you go” policy was not enforced in this case. This sends a message to students that bullying is acceptable, and it discourages victims from reporting incidents of bullying. Some further stated that the school’s handling of the case has been insensitive to the victim and his family. The victim’s mother has alleged that the school has been dismissive of her concerns and has not provided her with adequate support.
  • In short, many believe that the recent MCKK bullying case is a wake-up call for both the school and the Education Ministry. The ministry needs to take a more proactive approach to addressing the issue of bullying in Malaysian schools, and the school needs to hold bullies accountable for their actions.

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