McDonald’s Boycott – How will it reciprocate?

As a show of support for the Palestinian plight, Malaysians nationwide actively boycotted McDonald’s due to its alignment with Israel and the US.


  • The conversations on the McDonald’s Boycott garnered around 28.4K mentions with 166.8K social interactions that potentially reached 9.9M users.
  • Overall, Malaysians were supporting the boycott of McDonald’s, as it became evident that many outlets were empty of customers. People believed that this could serve as a demand for the company to cease its support for Israel, thereby encouraging the world to demand an end to the Gaza genocide.
  • In response to the boycott, McDonald’s Malaysia has come forward to clarify that the company did not contribute to Israel, and it does belong to Malaysians. They also explained how McDonald’s Malaysia has consistently supported local NGOs and contributed millions to the Palestinian fund.
  • Despite these clarifications, people still felt that McDonald’s was somewhat involved as they continued to pay royalty fees to the McDonald’s corporation, which could possibly be a source of funds for the sponsorship of food for the Israeli army. Even though the amount is small, any connection to Israel would likely face a ban in Malaysia, as people do not accept the killings and suffering inflicted by the Israelis.
  • In response, people began to share their opinions on how McDonald’s could possibly navigate these circumstances. They suggested that McDonald’s should change its name to a new entity, thus no longer being obligated to pay royalty fees to the McDonald’s corporation. However, this is easier said than done. People were hoping for a better solution that would not negatively impact the local employees who rely on the company to support their families’ finances.

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