Liquid nicotine legalized – what say the public?

In a recent notice, the Health Ministry said that exemptions from poison control had been granted for the nicotine liquid used in e-cigarettes and vape products. This has caused outrage from several parties as they felt the government was jeopardising the Rakyat’s wellbeing for tax gains.


  • The conversations on Poisons Act Exemption for the past 7 days garnered around 5.3K mentions with 57.3K social interactions. This mentions potentially reaching 4M online users.
  • Updates on the removal of liquid nicotine from the Poisons Act have sparked active discussion on social media. The public sentiment was more inclined to the negative aspects despite clarification that the tax gains will be channeled to KKM which could better leverage the country’s healthcare system.
  • People also bashed the government for putting the Rakyat’s safety at risk just for monetary tax gains. As the nicotine liquid can be legally sold now, people urged the ministry to come out with a better plan to avoid addiction and prevent the misuse of nicotine products that could be harmful to children.

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