Israel-Palestine Conflict

The recent airstrikes launched by Hamas towards Israel near the Gaza strip have led to active online discussions. Malaysian public has also actively engaged in the conversations on the issue. Despite some politicising the issue, many others mainly shared their solidarity towards the Palestinians.


  • The conversations on the Israel-Palestine Conflict by the Malaysian public garnered around 136.8K mentions with 14.8M social interactions that potentially reached 26.9M users.
  • Malaysians, particularly the Muslim majority, have generally responded with sympathy and support for the Palestinians in the current clash with Israel. They have been condemning Israeli airstrikes on Gaza and calling for an end to the occupation of Palestinian territories. The Prime Minister has also expressed his support for the Palestinians, saying that Malaysia “stands firmly with the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom and independence.” He has also called for an immediate ceasefire and for the international community to take action to protect the Palestinian people.
  • Other Malaysian politicians and public figures have also spoken out in support of the Palestinians. Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has accused Western nations of hypocrisy in their response to the conflict, saying that they are quick to condemn violence in other parts of the world but turn a blind eye to Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians.
  • Despite that, there have also been some criticisms of Hamas. Some Malaysians have accused Hamas of provoking Israel with its rocket attacks which later led to war against both nations. People were mostly against the act of violence and hoped for the matter to be resolved and for everyone to live in peace.
  • Overall, however, the Malaysians response to the current clash between Palestine and Israel has been overwhelmingly supportive of the Palestinians. Malaysians are deeply concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people and are calling for an end to the occupation and the establishment of a just and lasting peace in the region.

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