Heat Wave in Malaysia, what you should know?

The current extreme hot weather has claimed the casualties of children from Kelantan. The public is urged to be vigilant about the symptoms and avoid direct exposure to the sun.


  • The conversations on the Heat Wave in Malaysia for the past 7 days garnered around 35K with 151K social interactions.
  • Netizens expressed their condolences to the victims’ families while reminding the public to stay hydrated and avoid outdoor activities during the daytime.
  • The occurrence of extremely hot weather has prompted many to urge the government, particularly the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, to implement precautionary measures to raise public awareness. Online users have also called for the government to revise students’ dress codes, enabling them to better withstand the high temperatures. Additionally, some have advocated for the Education Minister to transition to online learning in order to adapt to the current situation.

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