Does Malaysia’s Public Transportation a reliable one?

The recent launch of the new Putrajaya MRT lane has sparked massive discussion in relation to local public transportation. Some highlighted its reliability as well as compared the newly launched MRT with the previous one.


  • The conversations on Public Transport for the past 7 days garnered around 20.9K with 435K social interactions. This mentioned comprised 8.7K conversations on the new MRT Putrajaya Line with 184K social interactions.
  • Despite some were overjoyed over the launch of the Putrajaya line that will connect the KL City Centre to Putrajaya, some highlighted several of the shortcomings of the local public transportation services.
  • Netizens talked about the efficiency and the journey time, citing that the time taken to complete the travel using MRT was not much different from driving with traffic.
  • Some also expressed concerns about the location of the train station which was quite far, thus people still need to opt for a car/motorcycle to go to the train station.
  • Last but not least, a fraction of people compared the newly launched MRT with the MRT during Najib Razak’s era. They cited issues with the facilities at the station as well as the lack of accommodation for pedestrians.

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