Anwar The Untold Story, was it worth the hype?

The recently screened ‘Anwar The Untold Story’ movie garnered mixed reactions from the public. Opinions vary greatly due to personal preferences and political beliefs. Some viewers appreciate the film for its storytelling, acting, and cinematography, while others criticize it for its historical accuracy, portrayal of characters and political bias.


  • The conversations on the ‘Anwar The Untold Story’ movie garnered around 14.7K with 478.5K social interactions since the day of its first screening.
  • The movie has received criticism from some people on the internet who feel that it is a shallow representation of the real incident and that it leaves viewers with more questions than answers. People also claimed that the lack of historical value and accuracy has caused the film to produce an insufficient comprehensive portrayal of the events.
  • Online users have also expressed their disbelief and found it absurd that numerous governmental bodies and PH supporters are hyping up the movie, despite it not being a source of pride. They questioned the reasons for some schools inviting students to watch the movie when education should be neutral from any political inclination. Some have even drawn comparisons, questioning how the current PH supporters would react if the previous BN or PN government had engaged in similar behavior.
  • Nevertheless, some people continue to support the movie, as they believe it accurately depicts Anwar Ibrahim’s political journey leading up to his success as Prime Minister. Additionally, the film showcases Wan Azizah’s unwavering loyalty and support for her husband during his imprisonment. These supporters also argue that the movie effectively portrays the damaging effects of corruption and political scandals on a nation.

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