Anugerah Belia Negara Controversy – Is it worth the hype?

The issue of Zhiddin Aziz not receiving his award at the Anugerah Belia Malaysia (ABM) 2023 has sparked debate and raised questions about the transparency of the award selection process. Zhiddin, a social media influencer and son of the late Malaysian television personality Aziz Desa, claimed that he was informed by the ABM organizers that he had won the “Ikon Belia Influencer (Media Sosial)” category. He even prepared a speech and rented a traditional Malay outfit for the ceremony. However, he was shocked and disappointed when his name was not announced as the winner during the event.


  • The conversations on the National Youth Award garnered around 5K mentions with 18.5K social interactions that potentially reached 1.8M users.
  • Zhiddin’s claims have raised concerns about the credibility of the ABM and the fairness of the selection process. The controversy has highlighted the need for greater transparency in the ABM selection process. Clear and well-defined criteria should be publicly available, and the process should be conducted in a fair and impartial manner.
  • Netizens were of the opinion that the organizers should also be more responsive to inquiries and concerns from participants. Furthermore, they argue that the award is often given to individuals who are aligned with the government, regardless of their actual accomplishments. They also point to the fact that the selection process is opaque and that there are no clear criteria for who is eligible to receive the award.
  • In addition, some have expressed concern about the ABM’s funding sources. The award is funded by the Malaysian government, and some critics argue that this makes it difficult to maintain its independence. They worry that the government may use the award as a way to promote its own agenda, rather than simply recognizing the achievements of young Malaysians.
  • Nevertheless, few felt that Zhidin was merely exaggerating the issue while highlighting how he had previously been one of the government’s vocal critics.

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